Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Carronade 2019

Another trip to Falkirk and another great show at Carronade. This is one of my favourite regional shows. Easy to get to, good facilities, a good selection of traders and some nice games.
This year was no different. The only disappointment was the late cancellation of Caliver books due to health reasons. The show lacked a good book seller and I am sure that other traders should consider coming in the future.
My two favourites were a large scale pirate game, full of fantastic models and scenery which must have taken years to produce. My favourite was a 28mm colonial game with some great figures, scenery and an amazing Vauban style fort. This is supplied from Germany, in sections and fully painted. It is very well done and I am very tempted to order one.

Purchase wise, some more Vallejo paints, a few bases, 5 large scale trees, (Ideal for 40mm), and from the bring and buy, the latest version of "The War of theThree kings" and Duffy's "The 45" for £3 !!

As usual, the best part of the day was meeting up with old friends, including an unofficial gathering of "the old guard", AMG members Graham C, Dave J, Charles C and Stuart I at lunch time.
Some great chat, and hopefully a meet up with Charles soon to discuss my forthcoming visit to western Germany and review his maps and itinerary. He has already advised me to skip Minden which was high up my visit list ! Meets like this make me realise how good the old AMG forum was, and how much we got from it. Thanks to John R for his efforts.
Graham C has given me some new masters to cast .... More later
All in all a great weekend.


These could be fun !  I hope to try these resin prints in a mould for metal casts later today.
Scales 40mm and 50mm from top of mitre to feet. Graham C has also produced in 25mm, which just look wonderful !


  1. Graham,
    Excellent day and great catching up with you looking forward seeing what you do with the figures

  2. Do you mind if we link to this from the Carronade Website?


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